Membership Requirements
Membership into CSF is based on the grades you received last semester. PE, TA, and related classes do not count for points.

  1. You must earn at least 10 CSF points to qualify.
    • In regular courses, an A is 3 points, a B is 1 point, and a C is 0 points
    • One additional CSF point shall be granted for a grade of A or B in an AP or Honors course; up to a maximum of two such points each semester.
    • A grade of D or F disqualifies you from membership this semester.
  2. Points can be taken only from classes on the CSF Course Lists
    • At least 7 points must be earned from Lists I & II. 4 of these 7 must come from List I only.
    • The remaining points can come from any List.
  3. You make your points from no more than 5 classes.

Activity Cancellation Policy
(-1 hours) for a cancellation within three days of the activity.
(-2 hours) for a failure to cancel before the day of the event.
No penalty for a cancellation made over three days before the event.

Senior Awards and Distinction
CSF 100% Life Member - active 7 semesters (certificate and sash)
CSF Special Life Member - active 6 semesters (certificate and cord)
CSF Regular Life Member - active 4-5 Semesters (certificate)

Senior Scholarships
Applications will be released during the beginning of April. The following will be taken into consideration:
- Activity in Monta Vista CSF
- Initiative in and dedication to in-school and out-of-school commitments
- Academic record
- Personality reflected in personal response questions